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Note: Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Use only home remedies as an adjunct treatment.

When the body is deficient in blood, anemia occurs. In general, anemia is called anemia. Anemia occurs when the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is lower than normal. Normally, anemia occurs at 14.00 to 18.0 grams in adults and 11.00 to 16.5 grams per 100 mm in women. Yes. If there is more bleeding due to digestive disorders or accidents, the amount of hemoglobin will be less and anemia will occur.

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Causes of Anemia

Anemia can be caused by a number of factors. 

  • Other diseases are more likely to cause anemia. Men and women suffer from anemia due to anemia due to typhoid, diarrhea, measles, pulmonary disease, jaundice, tuberculosis, nasal bleeding, etc.
  •  Anemia can occur if there are worms in the abdomen.
  •  Most men and women suffer from anemia because of hemorrhagic fever. 
  • Men and women also suffer from anemia due to diarrhea and hemorrhage. 
  • Anemia is caused by slipping on the stairs or an accident on the road and excessive bleeding. Excessive bleeding can sometimes be fatal for the patient. In this case, the patient is given a separate blood transfusion. Even when anemia is exacerbated by various diseases, doctors recommend a separate blood transfusion. 
  • Menstrual disorders in women cause anemia. 
  • Women are also more likely to suffer from anemia due to having more children. 
  • Anemia is caused by not eating a balanced and nutritious diet during pregnancy. 
  • Leukemia and hemoptysis also make women anemic. 
  • When there is more bleeding during menstruation, anemia is caused due to lack of blood in the body. 
  • If there is a lack of nutrients in the food for a long time, anemia occurs. 
  • Some men and women work harder but suffer from anemia because they do not eat well. Masturbation, nightmares, and excessive sexual intercourse also lead to anemia in men.

Symptoms of anemia

  • Lack of blood in the body makes the face pale.
  • The redness of the face begins to disappear and the bones begin to appear. The skin also becomes irritated and the softness and smoothness of the skin are lost.
  • Delays in the treatment of anemia and lack of nutritious food can lead to physical weakness. When you climb the stairs, your heart starts beating fast.
  • During physical labor, the whole body gets wet with sweat. The patient feels dizzy and his legs begin to shake. There is no desire to work. Anemia sufferers want to stay in bed all the time.
  • Anemia destroys appetite. The patient does not like the smell of food. Constipation is a disorder of the stomach. you feel very thirsty.
  • Symptoms of headache and lateral pain are also seen. Occasionally there are stomach problems. Symptoms include swelling of the hands, feet, and face. The anemia patient’s work desire is also destroyed. In such a situation, the man begins to consider himself impotent. Women are also not ready for intercourse.

Diet plan for anemia

Diet plan for anemia
Green apple with weight scale and measuring tape for the healthy diet slimming. Diet and Healthy Concept

What to eat during anemia

  • Consumption of fruits and greens quickly destroys anemia. 
  • Eating dates and drinking milk at night is very beneficial for anemic patients
  • Make a salad of carrots, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, sprinkle with lemon juice and a little salt and eat with food every day. 
  • Eating carrots, amla, cooked apples, and drinking milk are very beneficial for anemic patients. Patients with anemia should consume almonds, raisins, pistachios, cashews. 
  • When anemia occurs, consume foods such as milk, yogurt, ghee, butter, etc. to eliminate physical weakness. 
  • Consumption of apples, grapes, oranges, mangoes, pomegranates, mangoes, and drinking juice cures anemia quickly.
  • In case of anemia due to stomach worms, chop the tomatoes and sprinkle pepper and straight salt on it and eat continuously for a few days. Worms are destroyed and anemia is also cured. 
  • Sprouted grains and pulses should be consumed. Boil two teaspoons in 300 grams of milk and eat it and drink the milk. It destroys physical weakness. Adding a little chili powder in the juice of 5 grams of fresh leaves of the bell and consuming it will speed up digestion and destroy physical weakness.
  • Mixing honey in milk and consuming it continuously for a few days cures anemia. 
  • When there is anorexia due to anemia, coriander, mint, tomato, pomegranate, and amla chutney make the food more appetizing. 200 gms of sugarcane juice contains 5 gms of amla juice and 10 gms of honey take in combination. 
  • The patient should consume digestible fluids. 
  • Patients with anemia must stay in an environment of fresh and pure air (oxygen) for a few hours.
  • Patients with anemia suffer greatly from constipation. To relieve constipation, consume Triphala powder with lukewarm water.
  •  Eating sweets and drinking milk every day is very beneficial for anemic patients.

What not to eat anemia

  • Patients with anemia should not eat too much and too much. 
  • Do not do more physical labor and do not do the work of climbing the stairs. 
  • Spicy foods made from hot-sour and acidic juices.
  • Should not be consumed. 
  •  Do not consume fast food. 
  • Tea, coffee, and alcohol should not be consumed. 
  • Patients with anemia must go for a visit in the morning.

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