25 Uses and Benefits of Beeswax

Beeswax has many benefits that many of us do not know. You can use beeswax to prepare different foods, as an ointment, as a natural soap for the skin, and you can take advantage of other beeswax benefits to take care of the hair’s skin. 

It has many therapeutic and aesthetic benefits, but we will discuss in this article more to explain the various methods that you can use daily at home, whether in cleaning, cooking, polishing, or even in the maintenance of traditional household appliances. Just read the article to the end. 

First: the most important benefits of beeswax

1- A type of natural beauty equipment that can moisturize your skin and lips easily and for a longer period, especially during the winter months.
2- It protects the skin from environmental toxins, microbes as well as germs.
3. useful to protect the skin from environmental changes, and to enhance the freshness of the skin and glow as well as regenerate cells constantly because it contains high amounts of vitamin A.
4- You can add it to the various types of cosmetics, especially those made with coconut oil or any other oils, to keep their elasticity for the longest time possible.
5- Rich in anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, allergic, and antioxidant properties.
beeswax benefits and uses

Second: the various uses of beeswax.

1) A natural deodorant.

Its ability to form a natural protective barrier against moisture in the air, as it is effective in preventing accumulation and also removing sweat stains on clothes without the need to use harmful chemicals.

2) A natural skin moisturizer.

Just mix it with a mixture of natural oils and a sufficient amount of shea butter (or cocoa butter) to moisturize dry skin, increase its elasticity and radiance, as well as to reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and various signs of aging.

3) Natural lip balm.

Just put a little bit of it on your lips daily before going to sleep to enjoy wet, flexible lips without cracks, as well as to retain the attractive pink lips to avoid fading.

4) A natural alternative to air fresheners and scented candles.

Just add a little beeswax to your traditional candles to add a calm, attractive and distinct aroma to your room or even your home.

5) Homemade face soap. 

When added beeswax to homemade soap recipes, it adds an attractive aroma and long-lasting foam, even with frequent use.

6) Useful for children.

You can use it as a natural diaper cream for children who suffer from diaper inflammation, especially for children with sensitive skin, because of its antiseptic properties that are effective in clearing the sites of infections and rashes.

7) Treats foot cracks.

For its richness in magnesium, just add enough of it to a little coconut oil and use it as a daily natural cream for foot cracks daily before going to sleep to speed up the healing process and also to get better results. 
You can also use it as an alternative to commercial creams to treat dry hands resulting from long hours outdoors, insect bites and stings, bruises, and sunburn.

8) Natural remedy for colds and flu.

Inhaling steam from it while it is boiling, or even using it as a spray, enables you to quickly recover from coughs, colds, and flu. It is also considered an effective natural sedative for nasal infections.

9) Dye the fabric. 

Just mix 30% beeswax with 70% paraffin to dye the clothes natural and attractive.

10) Decorate the eggs. 

Instead of decorating eggs with traditional methods such as watercolors or natural colors like hibiscus, for example, you can color and decorate them using beeswax.

11) Prevents rust.

Rub your metal and stainless tools with a little beeswax to keep them fresh for as long as possible and also to protect them from rust.

12) Homemade cheese.

It protects the cheese from mold and moisture and keeps it healthy for as long as possible, just cover the cheese with a sufficient piece of beeswax.

13) The fabric is easy to sew.

There are degrading types of fabric that are difficult to sew or even need certain types of fabric to better sew them, but with beeswax, you are indispensable for all of this. 
Just rub the fabric with a little beeswax onto the places you want to sew immediately before starting the sewing process.

14) Handy for nails.

It can be put on your nails after being painted to protect it from scratching, as well as to retain its bright and shiny color for as long as possible.

15) Effective in the lubrication process.

You can lubricate glass doors, windows, door hinges, and old furniture as well as drawers with a little bit of beeswax, instead of the usual lubricant, to restore its flexibility again and to move it more smoothly than before.

16) Natural chalk.

Just mix equal amounts of beeswax, white soap, or even colored soap to make affordable, easy-to-use, and even harmless home crayons, especially for children.

17) Natural adhesive.

Use beeswax to glue envelopes or even to gift wrapping instead of using the traditional plaster to secure its closure and to paste it aesthetically without any traces of pasting.

18) Natural lacquer for shoes and leather goods. 

Rub the shoes or your leather wallet and want to polish it with a little bit of beeswax and then display it to the heat like a blow-drying heat, for example, to smooth the wax and melt it evenly all over the shoe, and then wait for about 5 minutes before wearing it. 
Alternatively, you can dissolve (2 ounces of oil and 1/2 ounce of beeswax) on low heat, adding 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the color you want to dye or polish with, and then put the mixture in a plastic container to keep it for a long time And also for ease of use wherever you like.

19) Useful for hair.

It is a natural and effective treatment for dry hair, just rub your head and scalp with beeswax added to it in small quantities of coconut oil, taking care to comb it well after that, before going to sleep from once to twice a week.

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20) Cooking food.

You can grease utensils or frying pans with a little bit of beeswax instead of applying them by the usual traditional methods such as oil or ghee, as it is completely safe and edible. Also, with your frequent use of it, you will be excluded from using any of the above-mentioned greases each time you use them to prepare food.

21) Pastries. 

Adding beeswax to different types of pastries will add to it more fragility and a slight and very simple flavor of honey. You can also use it to paint the molds to prevent the pasting from sticking to them as mentioned above.

22) Household candles more light. 

Using beeswax to make household candles helps you to purify the air of your home from toxins or any dust stuck with it every time you ignite it. It also helps to provide more powerful and brighter lighting than other traditional candles.

23) Good polish for wooden furniture.

 Melt a portion of beeswax with three parts of coconut oil in a container over a quiet fire, wait a little bit for it to cool and with a dry, clean cloth rub the wooden furniture or any other possessions that you want to polish with it like wooden tableware in order to remove the suspended soil and also keep its color Glossy brown.

24) Protects bronze holdings from corrosion.

Beeswax protects the bronze tools from deformation, corrosion, oxidation as well as from moisture in the air, just mix a part of beeswax with 3 parts of “turpentine balls” until you get a smooth and thin dough that can be straightened, wait a little bit to cool and then rub your belongings Bronze has better lint removal and polishing.

25) Natural clay. 

You can make easy and varied shapes of beeswax made from beeswax and have fun playing with your young children. Just let it cool down and put it in a dry place away from any heat source.

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