Best Bedwetting Treatment at Home

Bedwetting treatment
Are you looking for the best Bedwetting treatment at home? You have come to the desired place. You will find very easy home treatments for bedwetting which are easily available. There are many bedwetting treatments for children on the internet but there is no truth in all of them but here all of the following are proven. You will not have to take any risk while using the following bedwetting treatment. There are many natural treatments for bedwetting for children. You can use whichever you find easier here.
Here you will find an introduction, precaution for bedwetting,  Best Bedwetting treatment at home, and causes of bedwetting for children. Stick with us to read all the given pieces of stuff.

Note: Please, Consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment for this condition. Use only home treatment as an adjunct treatment.

Introduction :

Children eat something all the time throughout the day. By eating something, again and again, the digestion of children gets disturbed. Some children eat more cold foods and some children consume more heavy foods. heavy food is digested very late.

Children who eat heavy food tend to urinate more at bedtime. Some children keep on playing more time during the day, due to which the children get tired very badly. Such children feel more hungry and fall asleep as soon as they eat. Due to tiredness, children urinate frequently while sleeping at night. Some parents feed the children late due to work and then the children go to bed and sleep as soon as they eat. 

That is why those children definitely urinate on the bed at night. According to many experts, due to nervous deformity, children urinate on the bed while sleeping at night. Even when there are bugs in the stomach, children urinate on the bed while sleeping. There is a lot of stimulation in the body due to nervous deformity. In such a situation, the child is unable to control urination while sleeping and urinates. Due to disease in the urine pipe, the child also urinates while sleeping.

Best Bedwetting Treatment at Home

Best Bedwetting Treatment at Home

Precaution for Bedwetting:

Before giving any medicine to the child to urinate in the bed while sleeping at night, parents are required to improve certain standards of the child’s food. The child should be fed 1 hour before bedtime. After sleeping the child should not wake him up and give him something to eat and drink. The child must be urinated once before going to bed.


Best Bedwetting treatment at home

1. Amla

Make a powder by grinding about 10 grams Indian gooseberry and black cumin seeds. Grind the same amount of sugar candy in this powder. Eating 2-2 grams of this powder with water every day stops the urine of the child in bed.

Grind amla very finely and filter it into a cloth and make powder. Mixing 3-3 grams of this powder in honey daily and licking the children in the morning and evening stops urinating in bed.

2. Dry Grapes

By eating 5 dry grapes every day, the disease of the child urinating in bed is cured.

3. Honey

By feeding honey to children at bedtime, the disease of urine in the children is eliminated.
Some children put urine in their beds (urine) at night. It is a disease. By taking honey at bedtime, the disease of urine (urine) coming out of children in the sleep state is cured.

4. Walnuts

By feeding walnuts to children, the habit of urinating on the bed while sleeping at night is over.

5. Rye

Feeding 120 grams mustard powder with water to the child cures the disease of urination in bed.

6. Spikenard

Put an equal quantity of Ashwagandha and spikenard in water and boil it long enough to make a decoction. After filtering this decoction, giving it to the child for 3 to 4 days, the disease of urination in the bed is eliminated.

7. Jamun

Dry the kernels of berries in shade and grind them to a fine powder. By eating this powder 2-2 grams with water twice a day, the child stops urinating in bed.

8. Gorakhmundi

Drinking 10 to 20 ml alkali juice of Gorakhmundi (Mundi) to the child in the morning and evening clears the bladder completely and stops urination again and again.

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Make a powder by grinding about 50 grams of water chestnut kernel finely. Mixing 50 grams Khand in this powder and giving 1 teaspoon of this powder with water to the child in the morning and evening provides relief in urination.

10. Acacia 

After drying raw beans of acacia in shade, roasting it with ghee, and adding sugar candy to it, drinking 4-4 ​​grams in the morning and evening with hot milk cures the problem of urination in bed.

11. Dry Grapes 

Take 2 seeds of dry grapes and put one black pepper in it and feed them to the children for two weeks continuously before going to bed for two weeks, it cures the problem of urinating in bed.

12. Greater Galangal

Grind 50 grams of greater galangal and mix it with honey and lick 1 spoon of it in the morning and evening, it cures the disease of urine in the child’s bed.

13. Date

Put 1 date palm in 250 ml milk and boil it. When the milk boils well and the date palm inside it swells, then after cooling the milk, chew the date palm and feed it to the child after feeding. By doing this daily, the child stops urinating in bed within a few days. The child should sleep on the night instead of sleeping on his back.
If children urinate in bed, then they should eat 2 date-palms at bedtime every night.

14. Celery

Before bedtime, one gram powder of bishops weed regularly is cured by urinating children in bed.

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15. Walnuts

Often some children complain of urinating in bed. By taking 2 walnuts and 20 raisins daily for two weeks, this complaint is eliminated.

16. Date palm

Eating two dates twice a day and urinating on the bed and having two dates with milk at bedtime is beneficial.

17. Shankhpushpi

 Mix half a teaspoon of the powder of Shankhapushpi with honey and take half a cup of milk twice a day every morning for 6-8 weeks.

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I hope you find the Best Bedwetting treatment at home and know the causes of bedwetting for children and precaution for bedwetting If you like the Home remedy for bedwetting treatment then please share this with your friend, relatives, and family because sharing can save someone’s life or can change someone’s life. If you have any type of health-related queries then leave a comment in the comment box below. 

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