Body Temperature: Normal Range in Babies, Young and Adult

Are you looking for body temperature? You have come to the desired place. Here you will find what is the normal body temperature, the normal body temperature of a baby, the normal temperature of aged people over  65 years, the normal temperature at a young age, factors affecting your body temperature, types of thermometer ad their efficiency, the Best body part to check body temperature and types of temperature changes.

Our body is like a furnace from where the heat of an equal amount is released. It means that the heat of all human beings is not the same, that is why the heat emanating from the body of all human beings is not the same.

It is found in the body differently means that the normal temperature of every human body is found to be different, so let’s talk about the temperature of the human body.

What is the Normal Body Temperature?

It was found that the average normal temperature of the human body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This 98.6 degree Fahrenheit temperature has been considered as the normal temperature of the human body for many years, even then many institutions continue to run, and finally, it has been found that the normal temperature of the human body is 98.2 degrees as it is not the body of all human beings.

The normal human body temperature is found to be 97 degrees Fahrenheit to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature of the body is not the same and the temperature of the body of the same person is not the same throughout the day, which means the normal temperature of the body is also found to be different at different times of the day.

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The normal temperature of the human body does not remain uniform throughout life And the normal body temperature varies.

Body Temperature Thermometer Reading
Body Temperature Thermometer Reading

 A normal body temperature of a baby

  • The normal body temperature of the children is found to be slightly higher, mean 97.9 degrees Fahrenheit(36.6℃)  to 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37.2℃). 

A normal body temperature of aged people over 65 years 

  • Normal body temperature is found in people over 65 years. Temperature is found below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The normal temperature at the young age

  • The normal body temperature of youth is found to be higher than the average temperature.i.e. 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C).  

What factors can affect your temperature?

The normal temperature of the human body depends on many more things. Like how active you are, what time of day you are walking, what age you are, what gender is the person, which person is female or male, ]normal temperature changes in women during menstrual periods Keep coming.

Types of a thermometer and their efficiency

So let us see the means of checking the temperature of the body with the help of which the temperature of the body is called a thermometer. Thermometers are also found in some types like electronic air thermometer, forehead thermometer, glass and mercury thermometer, digital thermometer.

The conduction of glass and digital thermometers is very low because of their accuracy and they are more prone to breakage due to falling and the mercury that remains in it after breaking is also a danger to the body. 

Electrical air thermometer and forehead thermometer are very Accurate readings are taken but are out of the reach of common people due to being a bit expensive. 

Digital thermometers also give a considerable amount and they start from $1 and at the same time, they do not spoil quickly and are safe too.

Checking for fever

Let us now see where the temperature can go on the body with the help of a digital thermometer, the temperature is first in the underarm, second is the rector and third is in the mouth and so is the temperature with the help of digital thermometer.

Types of temperature changes

There are two types of changes in body temperature, first is the increase in temperature, which we call fever, and the second is the decrease in temperature, which is known as hyperthermia.

1. Fever

So let’s first talk about fever, then how much temperature beyond that temperature will be considered a fever, the answer is the answer. The answer is more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is generally considered a fever.

You will be surprised to know that most cases Fever proves beneficial for the body because often in such a temperature, the germs that cause disease in the camp either do not grow or remain alive.

2. Hypothermia

Now let’s see hypothermia temperature below 95 degrees F is called hypothermia.
Hyperthermia can prove to be life-threatening. Hypothermia can be a concern for newborn infants and adults.

Due to the less developed brain of young children, their body is not able to maintain normal temperature much less than 97 degrees. The temperature of the lion should be considered a danger bell for children. 

Even more adults in air-conditioned rooms and icy places struggle to maintain their normal body temperature.

Apart from these, there are other things from which the temperature of the body starts falling below the normal is alcohol and drugs.

Hypothyroidism means work due to the slowing down of the thyroid gland present in the body, anorexia stroke means brain disruption due to low blood supply.

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