Erysipelas: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Erysipelas Problem in Leg
Are you looking for Natural treatment for erysipelas? You have come to the desired place. You will find very easy home treatments for erysipelas which are easily available.
There are many erysipelas treatments on the internet but there is no truth in all of them but here all of the following are proven.
You will not have to take any risk while using the following natural treatment. There are many natural treatments for erysipelas. You can use whichever you find easier here.
Here you will find erysipelas definition, causes of erysipelas, symptoms of erysipelas, and natural treatment for erysipelas. Stick with us to read all the given pieces of stuff.
Note; Please, Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment for this condition. Use only natural treatment as an adjunct treatment.

Erysipelas Definition

At the onset of erysipelas disease, there is a rash on the patient’s body. After that, the patient gets a fever which rises to 104 degrees, and sometimes this fever also goes on the brain.

This disease spreads throughout the patient’s body, that is why this disease is known as erysipelas.

Causes of  Erysipelas

There can be many reasons for having erysipelas, such as eating hot substances, eating sour substances, eating sharp and salty substances in excess.

These substances contaminate or damage the blood, flesh, and body cells. Due to this disease named as erysipelas is born in the human body.

Erysipelas Treatment Practices

Erysipelas Treatment Practices

Symptoms of  Erysipelas

In patients with erysipelas, symptoms of sudden vomiting, headache, body pain, restlessness, etc. are seen. The fever of the patient reaches 104 ° F which directly affects the brain (brain).

In this disease, various pimples with burning, itching, fever, swelling, and pain occur in the human body. Pus comes out of these pimples all the time. These pimples occur all over the body.

Apart from this, vomiting, fainting, disgust, and hanging of the skin of the body, etc. are considered symptoms of erysipelas.

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Natural Treatment for Erysipelas:

1. Bamboo: 

Grind or grind fresh root of bamboo and apply it on the seeds of erysipelas.

2. Meditation:

Putting the powder of rice flowers on water-filled blisters is beneficial.
Drinking a decoction of the flower of fodder and washing blisters and wounds of erysipelas is also beneficial.

3. Lodhra: 

Grind madder with Lodhra and sandalwood and apply it on the affected part.

4. Safflower: 

Taking dried flower of safflower in the morning and evening removes the poison inside the body and cures the patient soon.

5. Hemp: 

Grind hemp and apply it to the seeds caused by erysipelas in the body.

6. Rose: 

Grind sandalwood in rose water and mix camphor in it and apply it on erysipelas.

7. Fragrant Sticky Mallow

Taking the powder of  Fragrant Sticky Mallow with ghee in the morning and evening is beneficial in erysipelas.

8. Spikenard:

Taking about half a gram to 1 gram of spikenard with  SAL AMMONIAC is beneficial in erysipelas.
Applying spikenard to the blister caused by erysipelas reduces the pain of ulcers.

9. Neem:

Applying an equal quantity of sesame oil in neem oil provides relief in dah (burning sensation) and erysipelas.

10. Karanja: 

Mix lemon juice in oil of Karanja seeds and apply it thrice a day, cures erysipelas.

11. Hansraj: 

Taking less than a quarter of one gram root of gooseberry with honey in the morning and evening is beneficial in erysipelas.

12. Jasmine: 

Grind jasmine leaves and flowers and apply it on erysipelas, smallpox, and blisters.

13.Soap Berries : 

The paste made by grinding Soap Berries should be applied 2-3 times a day on eruptions (smallpox), blisters, and erysipelas.

14. Saigon: 

Applying juice of Saigon (teak) leaves on heat provides relief in erysipelas.

15. Karonda: 

Grinding Karonda root with lemon juice in camphor with watery blisters or boils is beneficial.

16. Amaranth : 

Burning leaves of amaranth greens and applying it on the skin with erysipelas and burning sensation can be eliminated.

17. Chhoti Lona:

 Grind the leaves of Chhoti Lona (Nonisag) and apply it to erysipelas.

18. Bada Lona: 

Grind Bada Lona (Bade Nonisag) freshly and apply it on erysipelas to reduce pain and burning sensation caused by it.

19. Mustard:

Grind mustard leaves and apply it to the burning sensation of erysipelas and blisters.

20. Cedar: 

Grind equal quantity of cedar, red sandalwood, beach, and licorice in ghee and apply it on the pimples as a paste, it cures the eruption caused by gout.

21. Sandalwood: 

Grind sandalwood, poppy root, turmeric,  in milk and apply it on the pimples like a paste, it cures the disease called erysipelas caused by bile.

22. Amla:

 Grind Indian gooseberry root, Indian gooseberry, myrobalan chebulie, Indian gooseberry, Indian gooseberry, khus, Lajwanti, Kaner root, Jawasa, and Narasal root together and apply as a paste.

23. Butter: 

Applying about 10 grams of Amalasar sulfur, about 10 grams of alum and 6 grams of Rasakpur with cow’s butter, cures any type of erysipelas.

24. Potato: 

erysipelas is a contagious disease in which small pimples are formed on the skin of the patient, the skin appears red and there is fever as well. In this disease, by grinding potato on the affected part, pimples are cured.

25. Mulberry: 

Taking the root of licorice with water provides relief in erysipelas.

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