Eye Pain: Introduction, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Eye Pain Causes Symptoms and Treatment
Are you looking for home remedies for eye pain? You are at the desired place. Here will find the best home remedies for eye pain and headache, causes of eye pain, symptoms of eye pain, and foods to avoid for eye pain.

Stick with us to find the best home remedies for eye pain.

NOTE: Before using home remedies consult to your doctor. Only use home remedies as an adjunct treatment.

Introduction of Eye Pain:

Sometimes it happens that when the eyes are examined, there is no disease in the eyes, and neither the eyes are red nor there is any inflammation or any other disease. However, there is a pain in the eyeballs (in the round part of the eye) which is due to neurological reasons.

It is natural to get eye diseases in the summer and rainy season. Excessive heat and contaminated water can cause eye pain or swelling of the eyes. Swelling of the eyelids as well as pus.

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Causes of Eye Pain:

Consumption of large quantities of foods made from hot spices and acidic juices increases the acidity in the stomach and causes eye pain. Eating too much of mango, pickles, and sour foods can cause eye pain.

Eating more spicy, ghee, oil-based foods, chaat-samosa, Appetizer, panipuri, etc. in the market causes eye pain. Bathing in a river or lake with contaminated leaves also causes eye pain. It also happens when you walk in a hotter climate in summer.

Eye Pain Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Eye Pain Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms of Eye Pain:

  • Eye pain is caused by swelling in the eyes.
  • There is a pain in the eyelids.
  • The eyes become red and there is pus.
  • When the patient wakes up, his eyes are covered with pus.
  • The patient cannot sleep due to eye pain.
  • In bright light, the patient suffers more.
  • You can’t open your eyes in the sun.

Home Remedies for Eye Pain:

1. Honey:

If there is pain due to falling of something in the eyes, then by putting 1 to 2 drops of honey or castor oil (castor oil) in the eyes, the fallen thing in the eyes will come out and some stinging in the eyes will be removed.

Mixing the pulp of Niboli (neem fruit) with honey and applying Anjan (similar to mascara) in the eyes should be done.
Applying pure honey in the eyes like mascara with the help of a match or a finger gives relief in eye pain.

2. Amla: 

Washing the eyes with a decoction of amla seeds relieves eye pain. It is also beneficial to wash the eyes with the water in which the gooseberry powder has been soaked overnight.

3. Champa:

 Grind Champa flowers in sesame oil, tie it on the head, and apply it on the eyelids. This relieves eye pain.

4. Alum:

Grinding half a gram of alum and mixing 20 ml rose juice in it and putting it in the eyes 3 times a day gives benefit. Mix 2 grams ground alum, half-gram opium and 40 ml rose juice, filter it with a cloth, and put it in the eyes 3 times a day.
Grind 3-3 grams alum and bottle Gourd and filter it with a cloth, then mix 60 ml rose juice in it and put it in the eyes morning and evening, it gives relief in eye pain.

Grind 1 gram alum and mix 40 ml rose water in it. Applying 2-2 drops of this lotion in the eyes 2 to 3 times a day by the dropper (from which the medicine is put in the eyes) stops eye pain, redness of the eyes, and discharge of mud or mucus, etc.

This is very good medicine for eye pain. If rose water is not available then distilled water or boiled water can be used instead.
Dipping a lump of alum in water and putting the drops falling from the lump in the eyes 2 to 3 times daily gives relief in eye pain.

Home remedies for Eye Pain

Home remedies for eye pain

5. Plum: 

Grind the plum kernels well and filter it with hot water. Then by pouring this water in the eyes, redness of the eyes and pain in the eyes, etc.

6. Datura: 

If there is a pain in the eyes, then the juice of ripe Datura leaf or the juice of soft leaves of neem or the juice of both the leaves mixed together and put in both the ears will cure the eye pain.

7. Salt: 

By dissolving salt in hot water and soaking the cloth inside it, soaking the eyes for 2 to 3 times daily for a while gives relief to the eyes.

8. Doob:

 Applying the juice of green doob (grass) on the eyelids or making a pulp by grinding it and tying it on the eyes while sleeping at night, the pain and irritation of the eyes are removed. This removes the blurring of the eyes. It should be used continuously for a few days.

9. Almonds: 

Grinding camphor in peeled almond kernels and applying it in the eyes gives relief in case of eye pain.

10. Nectar:

 ​​Grind roasted nectar, filter it in a cloth and apply it in the eyes in the morning and evening with a match.

11. Cotton: 

When it is known that the eyes are about to ache, at the same time stuff cotton in the ear on the side where the eye is in pain. Complete rest will come in 2 to 3 hours.

12. Mulhathi: 

Washing the eyes with the decoction of Mulhathi cures eye diseases. Mix equal quantity of fennel powder in the powder of liquorice root and take one spoon in the morning and evening, it cures eye irritation and increases the light of eyes.


Eye Pain Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Eye Pain Causes Symptoms and Treatment

13. Chinese:

Eating native sugar (bad)  with bread destroys eye pain.

Take 1 part sugar and 3 parts coriander, put its fine powder in boiling water and keep it covered for 1 hour. Then filter it with a cloth and fill it in a clean clean bottle.

Applying 2-2 drops of the medicine in the eyes in the morning and evening, the sore eyes get better in 2-3 days.

14. Saliva:

 Rubbing saliva in water and applying it on the eyes increases the light of the eyes and gives relief in many diseases of the eyes.

15. Paper Lemon: 

On an iron griddle, mix opium and toothpaste in lemon juice and apply it over the eyes. It cures all eye diseases.

16. Marigold: 

Grind marigold leaves and place it over the eyelids as a muffin by closing the eyelids. This cures eye pain very quickly.

17. Cardamom: 

Grind cardamom seeds and sugar in equal quantity to make powder, then by consuming 4 grams powder with castor oil, it cools the brain and eyes and brightens the eyes.

18. Camphor: 

Camphor sawdust should be applied in the eyes like mascara. Many people apply camphor in their eyes to prevent sleep.

19. Guarpatha:

Mix turmeric powder in the pulp of guar gum and heat it and apply it in the soles of the feet intolerable condition. This relieves eye pain.
Applying guar gum pulp in the eyes removes the redness of eyes and removes heat. It also has benefits in viral conjunctivitis.

Mixing a quarter of 1 gram opium in 1 gram pulp of guar gum (aloe vera), tying a bundle, soaking it in water, rolling it in the eyes, and putting 1-2 drops inside the eyes cures eye pain.

 20. Rose:

Put 2-2 drops of rose juice in the eyes in the morning and evening, it cures eye diseases.

Put 1 gram of alum in 50 grams of rose water and keep it in a glass jar Rinse the eyes with water and add a little bit of water. Use three to four times a day.

Dipping the roots of Apamarg in water and applying it on the eyes reduces swelling and pain.

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Foods to Avoid:

    • Avoid foods made from hot chilli-spices and acidic juices.
    • Do not bathe in pools, pools of contaminated water.
    • Do not drink water from handpumps and wells during the rainy season.
    • Do not consume chaat-samosa, Piquant -panipuri, curd, Appetizer.
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