Home Remedies for Tuberculosis

Are you looking for Home remedies for tuberculosis at home? You have come to the desired place. You will find very easy Home remedies for tuberculosis which are easily available. There are many home treatments for tuberculosis on the internet but there is no truth in all of them but here all of the following are proven. You will not have to take any risk while using the following home remedies. There are many home remedies for tuberculosis. You can use whichever one you find easier here.

Here you will find causes of tuberculosis, symptoms of tuberculosis, what to eat during tuberculosis, what not to eat during tuberculosis. Stick with us to read all the given pieces of stuff.

Note: Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Use only home remedies as an adjunct treatment.

Causes of tuberculosis

A few decades ago, tuberculosis (TB) was considered an incurable disease. Men and women were afraid of tuberculosis. When someone at home got sick, he was kept in a separate room, but this is not the case now. Tuberculosis is easily eradicated.

Physically weak men and women suffer from tuberculosis due to a lack of nutritious food. Tuberculosis surrounds him when he does more physical and mental work in physical weakness
Tuberculosis is caused by the Tuberculosis bacteria entering the body From contaminated food and contaminated water, the virus spreads to healthy men and women. Even when talking to a sick man or woman, the bacteria fly through the air and make others sick.

Home Remedies for Tuberculosis
Home Remedies for Tuberculosis

Eating and drinking with a sick person can also spread the disease. Tuberculosis can also be caused by living in a slum, in a dark room, or in a polluted environment

Many women who give birth to children suffering from tuberculosis due to malnutrition. People who are more involved in sexual intercourse also suffer from tuberculosis.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

  •  Tuberculosis bacterial infection causes lesions in the lungs. 
  • The patient coughs and coughs up a cough. 
  • If there is a delay in treatment, blood will also start coming out along with the phlegm. Tuberculosis patients have a persistent mild fever. 
  • The patient does not feel hungry
  • Physical weakness increases rapidly and the patient’s bones begin to appear. 
  • Acute cough causes chest pain. 
  • The patient also has pain in breathing.

What to eat during tuberculosis

  • Tuberculosis patients should drink cow’s milk in the morning and evening. 
  • Benefits of feeding TB patients by making raw banana vegetables.
  • Grinding garlic cloves and feeding them with honey is very beneficial for tuberculosis patients. Soaking a cotton ball in garlic juice and sniffing it for a while will kill the TB germs.
  • By making cauliflower vegetable and feeding it to the tuberculosis patient from vomiting blood.
  • There is security. Boil peepal in milk, add sugar and drink.
  • Drink vegetable soup.
  • Give digestible food like porridge-rice porridge to the TB patient. Tuberculosis patients consume apples, grapes, bananas, dates, walnut, raisins Get it done.
  • Lick 1 gram cinnamon powder with honey and cough easily comes out Tuberculosis by crushing mulberry and coriander and mixing honey and ghee. 
  • Morning-morning licking is very beneficial. 

    Note: Honey and ghee should not be mixed in equal amounts.

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What not to eat during tuberculosis

  • Good, don’t consume too much sugar.
  • Avoid foods made from hot, sour, and acidic juices. 
  • Avoid cold foods and soft drinks. 
  • Tuberculosis patients should not consume spicy, oily, chili-spicy products in the market.
  • Avoid contaminated and stale food.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables carefully. 
  • Don’t eat fruits or vegetables.
  • Don’t eat meat or fish. Alcohol harms TB patients the most.
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