Instant Migraine Relief at Home

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Are you looking for instant migraine relief at home? You are at the desired place.
Here you will find the causes of migraine, symptoms of migraine, Instant migraine relief at home, and Best foods to avoid with migraines.

Note: Only use natural treatment as an adjunct treatment please consult with your doctor before using the home treatment for migraine.

Half a headache makes the patient very scared of severe pain. Allopathic medicine refers to this disease as ‘migraine’.

Causes of Migraine

Migraine is more common in men and women with higher education, intellectuals, writers, computer workers, and those who work long hours in the sun and in hot climates. According to medical experts, men and women who consume foods made from very hot, sour-sour, acidic juices are also more likely to suffer from migraines. In women, menstrual cramps cause the disease. Men and women who are more prone to anemia and more sexual intercourse

They suffer from it. Lack of fatty foods in the diet can cause this raga. When constipation is exacerbated, the polluted air from the decay reaches the head and your mental stress from the pain of migraines, the anxiety of getting higher education, the struggle for success in the competition gives rise to migraines. 

It is also caused by excessive consumption of tea, caffeine, vodka, cigarettes, and alcohol. Sensitive-minded men and women are more prone to it, and even for a long time, they are overwhelmed by the thought of small things. Very worried When you are anxious, the nerves of the brain have to work harder.

 Phases of Migraine

Phases of Migraine

Symptoms Of Migraine 

In migraine, as soon as the sun rises, half of the headache starts. As you die, the headache also intensifies. The patient becomes very restless due to headaches. The patient’s eyes do not open due to pain. When you go out of the house, there is more pain in the light. Migraine pain sometimes occurs on the right side of the head, sometimes on the left side and sometimes in the whole head. 

Delaying the treatment of this disease can cause severe damage to the eyesight and hearing. Migraines also cause darkening of the eyes and dizziness. Migraine causes severe pain during the day. As the sun sets, so does the pain. In the case of acute pain, the patient’s mind becomes very nervous. In this condition, some patients also experience vomiting. Migraine sufferers have no desire to eat or drink anything.

18 Instant Home Remedies for Headache

Instant Migraine Relief at Home

Here is some instant home treatment for migraine relief which is easily available at home. You can follow any of these which you find easier. So here we go

  • Grind 10 grains of chili and 10 grams of corn, grind it and take it with water in the morning.
  • Soak 10 kernels of paper almonds, 5 kernels of almonds in water at night. Get up in the morning, make pudding with ghee, add coriander, cloves, and cardamom powder, and eat it in the morning and evening for a few days.
  • Eating hot jerry cans and drinking milk before sunrise causes migraines
  • The pain disappears.
  • Make a powder by taking 10-10 grams of Sutho, Chitrak, and Pushkar roots. Eating with the sweetness of gram powder quenches the pain.
  • Eating grapes every day eliminates migraine pain.
  •  Make 5-5 grams coriander, soup, and corn powder and take it with water two-three times a day.
  •  Put honey in rice pudding and eat it.
  •  Eat yogurt and rice before sunrise.
  •  Dry the basil leaves in the shade, make a powder and consume it with honey.
  • Adding chili powder to ghee eliminates migraine pain.
  • Eat with pure ghee and a good mix.
  • Dipping the asafoetida in water dissolves the pain.
  • To eliminate constipation, take 3 grams of Triphala powder with lukewarm water.

Best Foods at Avoid with Migraines 

  • Avoid cold foods and soft drinks.
  • Don’t drink tea, coffee, or alcohol.
  • Do not bathe in cold water in winter.
  • Do not bathe in rivers or lakes for a long time.
  • Don’t stay in cold clothes for long.
  • Do not walk barefoot on the floor.
  • Avoid foods made from hot, sour, and acidic juices.
  • Migraine sufferers should not walk in the hot sun.
  • Do not read the book continuously for a long time.
  • Don’t watch TV for long periods of time.
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