Jaundice Treatment at Home


Are you looking for Jaundice treatment at home? You have come to the desired place. You will find very easy Home remedies for jaundice which are easily available. There are many home treatments for jaundice on the internet but there is no truth in all of them but here all of the following are proven. You will not have to take any risk while using the following home remedies. There are many home treatments for jaundice. You can use whichever one you find easier here.

Here you will find causes of jaundice, symptoms of jaundice, jaundice treatment foods, jaundice causing foods, and jaundice treatment at home. Stick with us to read all the given pieces of stuff.

Note: please, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment for this condition. Use only home remedies as an adjunct treatment.

In jaundice, the body turns yellow due to the presence of bile in the blood. Delaying medical treatment and neglecting to eat can make jaundice worse. The patient’s urine and urine also turn yellow. The patient’s eyes also appear yellow. In allopathy, the disease is referred to as jaundice.

Causes of jaundice:

  • Bile is formed in the liver, bile comes out of the liver and accumulates in the gallbladder. Bile is excreted from the gallbladder to participate in the digestion of food, but jaundice is caused when bile enters the bloodstream due to liver damage or some other reason. 
  • Jaundice is caused by eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water Eating and drinking for a long time in dirty hotels and restaurants causes digestive disorders and jaundice. 
  • During the rainy season, the river, lake and well water is highly polluted. Using such water for drinking and cooking increases jaundice. 
  • Prolonged consumption of foods made from very hot spices, acid juices in the diet causes jaundice due to excessive production of bile. 
  • Patients who get malaria very quickly also suffer from jaundice. 
  • Even people who drink a lot of alcohol in a modern environment cannot avoid the onset of jaundice. Jaundice is also a contagious disease. If one member of the household suffers from jaundice, another person becomes a victim of jaundice when they come in contact with him or use him. 
  • If a jaundice patient is injected at the hospital and another person is injected with the same needle, he or she will also get jaundice.

Symptoms of jaundice: 

  • At the onset of jaundice, the face turns yellow.
  •  At the same time, if the patient starts treatment and eats food, jaundice will not develop. 
  • If jaundice is severe, the color of the excrement and eyes also turns yellow. 
  • The patient’s sweat also turns yellow. 
  • The patient suffers from fever. 
  • The patient’s appetite is destroyed. 
  • Aversion to food. 
  • The patient’s temper flares up due to not getting enough sleep at night.
  • There is also a distortion of pain in the abdomen.
  • The patient experiences great weakness and fatigue.

Jaundice treatment at home

Here is given jaundice treatment foods and jaundice causing foods by eating healthily and avoid jaundice causing foods you can treat jaundice at home easily with the given pieces od stuff. So, let’s get started for jaundice treatment at home:
Jaundice Treatment at Home
Jaundice Treatment at Home

Jaundice treatment foods

  • Add 50 grams of radish leaf juice with a little corn and consume it.
  • Do it Extract the juice of five leaves of chicory and grind two grains of chili in it and take it in the morning and evening, it destroys jaundice. 
  • Dry the pomegranate leaves in the shade, grind them into powder. Take 5 grams of powder with Mohi every morning and evening.
  •  Jaundice is cured by dipping 5-6 grams of bitter gourd in the juice of bitter gourd leaves.
  • Take 5 grams of Apamarg root powder with Mohi. 
  • Drink 5 grams raspberry juice in the morning and evening for jaundice. There are many benefits.
  • Be sure to drink sugarcane juice twice a day. 
  • Add four to five grains of chili powder in 200 gms of Mohi and drink it.
  • 25-30 grams groundnut juice, 1 gram turmeric (ground), and 5 grams taking mini in the morning and evening is very beneficial. 
  • Drink 5 grams of bell juice in the morning and evening. 
  • Drink 200 grams of orange juice. 
  • Add 10 gms of corn in 100 gms of pomegranate juice and consume. 
  • Adding lemon juice to 10-100 beetroot juice is very beneficial in jaundice. 
  • Eat only light digestible foods. 
  • Boil the water and drink it selectively.


Jaundice causing foods

  • Jaundice patients should not consume ghee, oil, butter, eggs, meat, and fish. 
  • Avoid foods made from hot spices and acid juices.
  • Don’t drink tea, coffee, or alcohol. 
  • Jaundice patients should not eat spicy, panipuri, samosa, etc. in the market.
  • Milk should not be consumed. 
  • Do not consume foods made from lentils. 
  • Do not eat sweets. Fast food should not be consumed at all.  
  • Contaminated water, cold drinks should not be consumed.

I hope you find the best jaundice treatment at home and know the causes of jaundice, symptoms of jaundice, jaundice treatment foods, and jaundice causing foods.  If you like the Home remedies for jaundice treatment at home then please share this with your friend, relatives, and family because sharing can save someone’s life or can change someone’s life.


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